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Everyone recognizes that typical braces “look,” and for some people, that just isn’t for them. So if you want that perfect smile but want to do it in the most discreet way possible we have a solution for that.

While clear aligners like Invisalign work for a lot of people, they don’t work for all cases, no matter what you’ve been told. But the good news is INBRACE hidden braces could be just what you have been looking for. Whether you are out with friends or speaking at a business meeting, you want the people you are interacting with to be focusing on you and what you are saying — and not your braces.

True Smile Orthodontics in Liberty Hill, TX

INBRACE hidden braces

  • Are placed on the inside portion of your teeth, out of view when you smile
  • Straighten teeth continuously with a customized SmartWire and AI that reduces the need for frequent in-office adjustments
  • Don’t require you to keep track of aligners and take them out multiple times a day to eat and clean
  • Are custom designed for each patient and each individual tooth
  • Gentleforce technology gently moves teeth to their desired position for the smile and bite you’ve been seeking
  • Are 100% clear: no plastic, no remembering to put your trays back in, or forgetting what tray you were on anymore


Inbrace True Smile Orthodontics in Liberty Hill, TX

Behind the Teeth Braces vs. Invisalign

Although Invisalign clear aligners can be used to treat most orthodontic patients, some cases may need the treatment that only braces can provide. Also, some patients just don’t like the idea of keeping track of hundreds of plastic trays: taking them in and out several times a day to eat and brush.

Others don’t like the idea of having plastic in your mouth; that, while while Invisalign may be clear, it isn’t 100% clear and doesn’t give a completely natural look.

That is where Behind the Teeth (hidden) braces come into play. The braces are placed on the inside of the teeth and near the gum line, so they are 100% hidden and positioned for ease of cleaning and flossing without the use of special floss or brushes.

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